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Making sustainable and ethical financial decisions

And The Future? is a community for people who want to live in a more conscious and sustainable way. I was fortunate to collaborate with them during their 6 week challenge, to shine a light on how your money is impacting the environment and how to make more sustainable and ethical financial decisions.⠀

'The money you have in your bank account, ISA or pension scheme isn't in fact just 'lying there' ... In order to make money (and quite a lot of it as well) traditional banks use your funds to invest and trade - very often supporting environment harming and unethical companies and projects that involve warfare, nuclear weapon manufacturing, animal testing and fossil fuels amongst many other things. One notorious example is the UK bank HSBC, which invested 5.6 billion US dollars in the fossil fuel industry in the last year – an 88% increase to the year before, which is quite shocking considering we are in a state of climate emergency. So how is it that we don't know that much about what is being done with our money? I would believe that only very few people would actively support unethical and unsustainable investments of their own money so banks decide to deliberately be very opaque about their terms and practices.'

To find out ways you can use your money to vote for a more sustainable world and encourage banks and other large institutions to change for the better, sign up to their 6 week challenge here and let us know how the challenges go on instagram: @pachiramoney @andthefuture.

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